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Our Practice

Each piece begins as a sketch on paper. Next, they carve each object by hand— first in wax, then metal. They work closely with a local foundry to cast the wax carvings in bronze, silver or gold. Each piece is then refined and polished in their studio before they’re packaged and begin their journey to you.

illustration of a pencil drawing a ring


illustration of the lost wax casting process
illustration of polishing a ring



Our History

Maçon is based in southern California, but Alex and Hannah met at RISD in 2008. They had freshman figure drawing class together and quickly became good friends. 


After graduating college, their resilient love for each other—despite gaps in distance and time—never waned. Eventually they found their way back to each other and married in 2023. Both Maçon and their union were born out of their desire to live and create as one.

Hannah Woodard and Alex Cohen wedding photograph

We discover by holding.

Maçon was founded by two creative and life partners, Alex and Hannah. Their work is inspired by ancient artifacts and the intimate and personal objects they cared for when they were children.

illustrated hand holding a small Maçon animal
Hannah Woodard and Alex Cohen 90s, 1990s kids drawing and designing
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